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"...working to clean up our Voter Rolls!"

Updated: Feb 22

Just wanted to share this letter my husband and I received from the Kitsap County Auditor’s office on 2/19/23. At first my husband was like, “What is this?!!” “They’re trying to get more of our information!” But when I looked at this letter, what I realized is that Paul Andrews isn’t just asking for additional information from us, it appears he’s working to clean up our Voter Rolls! It looks like he is verifying that I don’t just have my mail sent to a PO Box, but that I really do live in the precinct that I’m registered in, and maybe even verifying that I actually still live in the state!!

If you were involved in observing the Vote Process at the Auditor’s office or volunteered to observe at the Recount this last Fall, you’ll understand maybe the scrutiny that’s been placed on cleaning up Voter Rolls. I know Paul Andrews received lots of questions concerning that topic. I’m VERY hopeful that this is in response to all of us questioning what his office is doing to ensure that only the citizens who are supposed to be voting - are, and that their votes are being counted correctly. This is a good thing!! If you get one, please respond.

Keep fighting, it’s not going to be a quick win, but we can do this!

Sincerely, Linda Popp

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