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PCO Application

What is a PCO?  (click here)

Find and verify your Precinct: 
1. Go to
2. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Birth Date.
3. Click Sign In or press Enter.
4. If a popup window appears, select an election.
5. Your Voter Portal will display.
6. Click Your Vote Registration menu option to the right of Home.
7. Scroll down to find your Precinct Name.

Read the KCRP Platform: (click here)

Image by Tim Mossholder

Apply to be a PCO!

A non-refundable $30 KCRP membership fee will be payable

when you submit your application.

I am applying for:

Declaration:  I am a registered voter in Kitsap County at the address listed above. I have read the Kitsap County Republican Party Platform and listed any areas where I disagree under Platform Comments below. I understand that my responsibility as a Republican Precinct Officer/Captain will be to help increase Republican votes in my appointed precinct. I understand that my appointment as PCO/Captain will not be finalized until it is voted upon by the KCRP Executive Board at their business meeting, and that I will be notified of the results of the vote within three business days after the vote is taken.

Thank you for submitting your PCO Application!

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