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> Kitsap County Republican Party Resolutions/Policy Statements
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Passed on February 10, 2024 by the Kitsap County Convention Delegates

Let’s Go Washington Initiatives: We support the following 2024 Initiatives: Responsible Police Pursuit (2113), Stop the Hidden Gas Tax (2117), Opt Out of State Run Long Term Care Coverage Act (2124), Repeal the Capital Gains Tax (2109), No State Income Tax (2111), and Parental Notification (2081).


We, the Kitsap County Republican Party, believe the following:


Emergency Powers: During a public emergency, the government shall not prohibit an individual from exercising their individual rights under the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights or deprive them of the use of public or private services.


Gun Rights: The incremental erosion of gun rights shall be stopped and lost rights shall be restored.


Illegal Immigrants: There shall be no state benefits provided to undocumented (illegal) immigrants. There shall be no sanctuary city or state without approval by voters of that jurisdiction.


Homeless Encampments: Homeless encampments are environmental and community hazards. No organization engaged in supporting unauthorized encampments shall be eligible to receive public funding.


Voter ID: States shall require all voters to be United States Citizens and to show valid, government-issued photo ID when registering to vote and receiving a ballot.


Return to In-Person Voting: It is Americans’ civic duty to vote in person at polling stations, except for those who are physically disabled, immobile, traveling, military-deployed, or stationed away from home.


Taxes: There shall be no state income tax or cap & trade tax. The capital gains tax shall be eliminated.


Firearms and Ammunition Taxes: The current exemption for sales tax applied to gun safes shall be extended to firearms and ammunition.


Educational Curriculum: Educational curriculum shall not include gender-identity, critical race theory, or identity politics.


Compulsory Schooling Age: We oppose lowering the compulsory school age to six (6).


Sex Reassignment: Sex reassignment surgery or hormone-replacement therapy shall not be permitted before the age of 18. Taxpayer funding shall never be used for these purposes and business shall never be mandated to pay for these services. Felons with convictions for violent offenses shall be prohibited from sex reassignment surgery.


Sex-Specific Activities and Facilities: Any activity or facility divided by sex shall be restricted to those who biologically match that sex.

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