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There are a number of ways volunteers can become involved in helping KCRP accomplish its mission of electing Republicans in Kitsap County. One of those ways is to become involved in one of our committees. Below are descriptions of the duties of the various standing committees along with the current contact for each committee. You may also email the KCRP Chair ( for more information about joining one of the committees below.

KCRP Standing Committees

Candidate Recruiting Committee

Plans and organizes the recruitment of candidates supporting the values, goals, and philosophies as embodied in the KCRP Platform. The goal of the committee is to recruit quality candidates identified as Republicans for every elected position within Kitsap County.

Current contact: Rick Kuss


Candidate Vetting Committee

Plans and organizes candidate vetting and research on behalf of the KCRP, utilizing the values, goals, and philosophies as embodied in the KCRP Platform as the basis for its recommendations.

Current contact: KCRP Chair

Candidate Support Committee performs ongoing opposition research targeting Democrat elected officials and organize “pushback” activities to help make the public aware of their actions. The committee also provides support to certified Republican candidates.

Current contact: John Johanson

PCO Committee

Works to recruit PCOs, provide PCO training opportunities, and support PCOs in the performance of their duties.

Current contact: David Gonzalez

Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) Committee

Organizes volunteers to follow-up with identified Republicans who have not yet turned in their ballots leading up to each election.

Current contact: Tara Lucas

Election (Voter) Integrity Committee

Holds the Kitsap County Auditor’s Elections Office accountable by organizing election observers for all aspects of ballot distribution and counting. They also analyze election returns, look for any signs of voter fraud, and suggest remedies when applicable.

Current contact: Francis Doyle


Policy Issues Committee

Plans and organizes issue analysis on behalf of the KCRP.

Current contact: KCRP Chair


Website and Social Media Committee

Maintains current information on the KCRP website (including events) and creates appropriate social media pages to engage Kitsap Republicans.

Current contact: Rosemary Schuessler


Finance Committee

Raises funds as required by the Central Committee to fulfill its purpose, provides financial records to the KCRP Treasurer, and directs fundraising events and membership drives.

Current contact: KCRP Chair


Lincoln Day Dinner Committee

Plans the annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

Current contact: Shelly McKinley-Olson


Events Committee 

Organizes non-fundraising events such as participation in parades and other community events.

Current contact: Marty Mioni

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