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Recount Kitsap

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Vote percentages for Rick Kuss for Kitsap County Sheriff were nearly unchanged from the primary election to the general election, despite a Herculean effort in canvassing, voter engagement, and issue education. This result in itself is not proof of any mischief, but in the context of all the other results of Kitsap races, a hand recount of the Sheriff’s race could reveal much about the HART Intercivic voting system used in Kitsap and 15 other counties in the state. With the majority of Americans concerned about election integrity, a hand recount could, at a minimum, verify the accuracy of the voting system and increase the faith and participation in the system. If machine errors are found, this would help the election integrity effort statewide. The fundraiser link has been set up to provide more information and to accept your donations to fund the recount. Covering all the costs will require about $50,000 and only about a week is left to raise the amount. This effort has momentum. Please take advantage of this opportunity to “ground truth” these voting machines. No one has ever done a county-wide hand count since the state began using these machines.

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