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2024 WA State Bill Summary

Updated: Mar 29

Author: The Skagit County Click and Send Team


2024 Record of Click n Send Bills Passed-Failed
Download XLSX • 23KB

As promised the attached PDF is the evaluation of the click and send bills you were sent.  


65% of the Bills that we sent to you did NOT PASS.....35% DID!


Some thoughts our team has about this session:

 1. Many of these bad bills had bi-partisan support. Meaning our representatives voted for them.

 2. Look at the number of people (pros and cons) that signed in on these bad bills. It appears that in several cases our representatives didn't pay any attention to the will of the people.

 3. Massive end to our tax and spend legislature!!!

 4. Get your kids out of Public Schools....all schools are now forced to teach the LGBTQ (Queer) curriculum there is NO opting out!! 


Each bill that did pass takes just a little more of our freedoms away, like a thousand cuts.

The climate change agenda is prominent among the bills that passed - some examples: 

 1.  requiring disclosures of greenhouse gas emissions in public building materials, eliminating natural gas hookups in new housing construction, purchasing electric school buses -bills giving money to tribes for education and health care passed -most bills that gave money to failing K-12 schools passed2. bills that chipped away at 2nd Amendment rights passed3. bills that give taxpayer money to illegal immigrants and allow them to receive professional licenses passed4. the bill that required construction companies to provide extra facilities for menstruating and lactating women passed5. the bill that established a hate crimes and bias incidents hotline passed6. the bill that allows tolling along the entire SR-520 (floating bridge) corridor passed, coming your way next!7. the bill that puts cameras on roads to catch speeding vehicles passed8. the bill that changed the definition of a vaccine passed


The good news:

-3 initiatives passed (Parent Rights, Police Pursuit, No Taxes on Personal Income)

-bills that FAILED include: rent control, tripling property tax increases, giving unemployment to striking workers, free college, wildlife bridges, mandatory voting, basic income, and humane treatment of diseased elk ( this is not good news), language assistance to illegals in elections (I added illegals) B & O Tax on Landlords, funding social housing, offshore wind study, social equity land trust, transferring public property to Tribes, state hood for Wash. D.C.

Anti-Police office of independent prosecutions, even number election years, voter registration challenges, Climate Change energy in buildings and many more.


Attached is the PDF file of the results.


Thank you for Participating in this year's session. Next year's session is a long session, 90 days, and will begin in January 2025. Our world will have many changes by that time!!


The Skagit County Click and Send Team



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