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Updated: Kitsap Voter Integrity Project Needs You!

Updated: Jan 15

Update: The recount is done. Many thanks to everyone who helped! The results were: One more vote for Gese and five more votes for Kuss. The extra votes came from 5 under-vote ballots and 1 over-vote ballot. (In other words, the machine didn’t read the vote for five ballots originally–not detecting the vote marks, and detected too many votes on one ballot originally.) The Kitsap Voter Integrity Project needs volunteers to observe the recount process. There are two shifts, 8am-noon and noon-4:30pm every week day through December 23 (unless they finish early). You can volunteer even if you are not a Kitsap County resident or were not able to attend the training. Even if you can’t stay for a full shift, any time you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. If you are willing to contribute some time to this important process, please call or text Jessica Rice at (360)440-5194.

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