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We all value: Accountable Government
Washington State & Kitsap County deserve responsible leadership!
Republicans h
ave SOLUTIONS that support YOUR values.
RE-THINK Republicans


  • Does NOT reduce pollution.  Most carbon producers exempted. 

  • Instead it increases the tax of people, specially, taxing at the at retail gas.

  • It is a regressive tax vs a progressive tax - poorer people feel the pain of this tax.

  • Funds raised (over $300M) go to leftist special interest groups.

  • Washington State now has the HIGHEST priced gas in USA.

Repubican Solution:
I-2117 Repeal Cap and Trade

Governor Inslee claimed,

“This is going to have a minimal impact, if any.  Pennies.  We are talking about pennies.”

Cap and Trade Debacle

Democrat arrogance repeatedly ignored will of voters & circumvents voters!

Gas prices.png

Democrat Track Record:

  • Long-term care payroll tax –$1B annually from workers’ wages.

    • Advisory Vote – 63% of voters opposed tax.

    • Constitutional Amendment – 54% of voters rejected proposal regarding funding of plan. 

    • Democrat Action:  Rejected bill to put plan before voters in binding vote (SB 5234). 

  • Income tax - Passed capital gains income tax, legislators stated intent to cause a court case, paving the way for a statutory income tax.

    • 10 times in the past, voters have rejected proposals to impose an income tax. 

    • Democrat Action: Included language to take away people’s constitutional right of referenda. 

  • Carbon tax (see Cap and Trade Debacle, top of page)

    • Voters twice rejected (2016/18)

    • In 2021, the Legislature passed Cap and Trade imposing new costs on carbon that raise the cost of gas for consumers (0.44$ per gal).

  • Voters expressed their opinions on 16 tax increases enacted  (2019-20).  In 13, the people voted to repeal the tax.  Not once has the Legislature listened and repealed taxes.

We pay a lot in taxes!

Where does it go?


Democrat Track Record:

  • Taxes enacted by Democrats will cost the median family another $1,000 a year.

  • The 12th highest state and local tax burden in 2018 ($5,960 vs. $5,150 national)

  • State spending is up 90% in the last decade.

  • Roughly four times faster than inflation.

  • More than twice as fast as wage growth.

  • 22 new tax increases during 2019-21

  • What were the three largest?

    1. Property tax levy hike– $8.7B.

    2. Payroll tax for long-term care – $8B.

    3. Capital Gains Income Tax – $5.7B.

Democrat Assessment:

  • Washington State currently holds the longest streak of Democratic governors in the nation, having last elected a Republican to the top executive office in 1980.   The WA State Senate and House have been under Democrat control for over 20 years (see chart below).  Democrats do NOT have solutions.


Republican Solutions:

  • Listen to voters.  Eliminate regressive taxes!

  • Exempt homeowners’ first $250,000 in value from property tax.  Particularly helpful to the lower income.

  • Dedicate tax collection on vehicles to transportation infrastructure.

  • Tie taxation to specific needs and return surplus to the taxpayers.

  • I-2117: Repeal Cap and Trade

Vote for SOLUTIONS that support YOUR values.

Together - Let's Elevate Washington State



Get Involved Now!   #YourRightsMatter

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