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We all value: Strong Families
Democrat Bill SB5599 Removes Parental Rights!
Republicans h
ave SOLUTIONS that support YOUR values.
RE-THINK Republicans

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​Democrat Legislation SB5599  (read here)

  • SB5599 allows the state to harbor runaway children and provide medicalized gender treatments without their parents' knowledge of concent.

  • SB5599 rebrands parents as abusers and hides kids from parents. 

  • SB5599 put DCYF (Department of Children, Youth, and Families) in charge of the custody of kids.

  • Under SB5599, parents have no custody rights.

  • SB5599 is not the only bill that affects children and parental rights. 

Democrat Actions:

  • Democrats created and voted SB 5599 into law.

  • Washington State currently holds the longest streak of Democratic governors in the nation, having last elected a Republican to the top executive office in 1980.   The WA State Senate and House have been under Democrat control for over 20 years (see chart below).  Democrats are promoting ANTI-parental rights legislation.  

Republican Solutions:

  • Republicans voted AGAINST SB5599.

  • Referendum R101, if accepted, will put SB5599 to the vote of the citizens.  To read about R101, go to

  • Initiative I-2081, establishing a parental bill of rights.  For example, I-2081 assures a custodial parent's (or guardian's) right to know about any medical services provided to their minor child.  Read more @

Vote for SOLUTIONS that support YOUR values.

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