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Kitsap County Republican Convention
February 10, 2024 

Post-Event Survey

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the convention and to all the wonderful volunteers who helped make it all happen! We could not have done it without you!


Every event presents learning opportunities, and we want to benefit from the collective wisdom and feedback from everyone who participated—both those who were able to attend and those who were not.


Please take a few minutes to provide us with feedback on the convention by filling out a post-even survey. Feel free to skip questions. You may complete the survey anonymously.


Thank you!

We welcome your feedback!

Did you attend the convention?
Please rank the pre-event communications.
Please rank the event facility (KC Fairgrounds Presidents' Hall).
Please rank the check-in process (credentials).
Please rank the security team.
Please rank the tech table.
Please rank the coffee and snack service.
Please rank the lunch service.
My lunch was:
Please rank the overall convention experience.
If you are able, do you plan to attend the county convention in 2028?

Thank you for submitting your feedback!

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