Kitsap County Republican Party



August 6th, 2014
Drew MacEwen 360-250-0730

Josiah Rowell 360-362-3257

Dan Griffey 360-204-9636

MacEwen/Rowell Endorse Griffey

Rep. Drew MacEwen (R-Union) and former State House Candidate Josiah Rowell have endorsed Dan Griffey in his bid for position 1 in the State House of Representatives for the 35th District.

“While I am disappointed that I did not move past the primary, I believe we have raised the issues that are important to voters in the 35th district.  I respect their will to have Dan Griffey go on to win in November and bring a focus back to job creation, funding education first, and fighting for the rural economy.  I fully endorse Dan and ask my supporters to throw their support behind him for a successful November election” –Josiah Rowell

“I look forward to having a Republican seatmate after the November election.  I am very pleased to see Josiah, and our entire party get behind Dan Griffey.  Dan has my full support and I will do everything I can to ensure victory in November.  I look forward to serving with him in Olympia this coming January.  Our party is united and unified!” –Rep. Drew MacEwen