Kitsap County Republican Party



Candidate & Issues Committee

2014 Advisory Ballot

Initiative 1351 (Classroom reduction K-12)=NO

Initiative 591 (Firearms)=NO

Initiative 594 (Firearms)=NO


Advisory Votes

 Advisory Vote #8-Senate Bill 6505  (Recreational Marijuana Tax)=REPEALD*

 Advisory Vote #9 ESHB 1287 1287  (Tribal leasehold excise tax)=MAINTAINED

 Congressional District 6 U.S. Representative  - Marty McClendon

 Legislative District 23 State Rep. Position 1 - Scott Henden

 Legislative District 23 State Rep. Position 2 - James Olsen

 Legislative District 26 State Senator - Jan Angel

Legislative District 26 State Rep. Position 1 - Jesse Young

Legislative District 26 State Rep. Position 2 - Michelle Caldier

Legislative District 35 State Rep. Position 2 - Drew MacEwen

Kitsap County Commissioner District 3 - Ed Wolfe

Kitsap County Assessor - Phil Cook

Kitsap County Auditor - Kelly Emerson

Kitsap County Clerk - Gerald (Gary) Chaney

Kitsap County Coroner - Greg Sandstrom

Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney - Tina Robinson

Supreme Court Justice Position 1 - Mary Yu

Supreme Court Justice Position 3 - Mary E. Fairhurst

Supreme Court Justice Position 4 - Charles W. Johnson

Supreme Court Justice Position 7 - Debra. Stephens

Court of Appeals Division 2 District 2 Judge Position 1 - Lisa L. Sutton

District Court Judge Department 1 - Claire Bradley

District Court Judge Department 2 - Jeffrey J. Johns

District Court Judge Department 3 - Marilyn G. Paja

District Court Judge Department 4 - Stephen J. Holman

Public Utility District No. 1 Commissioner District 2 - James (Jim) Civilla

Kitsap County Fire Protection District No. 18 Proposition 1 - Rejected

Mason County Fire Protection District No. 2 Dissolution of Fire Protection District No. 2 - Approved

North Kitsap Fire & Rescue Proposition No. 1  -No

*The Committee agrees with our local Republican Legislators (all), that voted against the original Senate Bill 6505 and the Committee recommends the bill be repealed.  The Cities and Counties were left out of the revenue sharing aspect of the bill yet the cities and counties must provide services.  Additionally the resulting 75% “excise” taxation rates on the industry, regardless of the opinion of the recreational Marijuana industry, are egregious and confiscatory especially when compared to the taxation rate of alcohol, casino gambling and cigarettes the trifecta of sin taxes.

Respectfully Submitted,

KCRP Candidate & Issues Committee